Fall Boarding at Canine Country Club of Arkansas

As the fall season begins, so does the busiest time of year. Between school activities, sporting events and holidays, we often find ourselves away from home and in need of care for our pets.

Canine Country Club of Arkansas is the perfect place to bring your dog for boarding when you’re traveling or busy. Here are just a few of the reasons your dog will love coming to Canine Country Club this fall.

The Weather is Just Right

The fall seasons brings the best temperatures for your furry friend to play outside. With the hot summer days behind us and the winter chill yet to set in, it’s the perfect time of year for your dog to romp and play in our 4 ½ acre yards.

Canine Country Club’s play yards have plenty of activities to keep your pup occupied, including toys to fetch, obstacles to climb, and wide-open spaces to run across. And don’t forget furry friends to play with!

Home Away From Home

Not only will your dog love playing at Canine Country Club of Arkansas, they will also feel right at home. We also have many ways to make your dog feel comfortable; you are welcome to bring your dog’s regular food, as well as their bed or blankets. We can also administer any medications they may need. And, of course, our staff will provide all the lovins they would usually get at home from you!

We’ve Got your Dog’s Back

Dog owners can have a stress-free getaway knowing that Canine Country Club has several measures in place to ensure the safety of all our visiting fur friends. Our highly trained staff supervises all playtime and playgroups are created based on dog size and temperament. We also have vaccine requirements in place to keep your dog healthy while they’re here!

As the temperatures begin to drop and fall is in full swing, the days and weekends tend to get busier. This fall, when you’re planning ahead for weekends in Fayetteville for Razorback games or the upcoming holidays, don’t wait until the last minute to think about where your dog will stay. We know your furry best friend means the world to you, so make sure they stay somewhere safe and fun.

You can trust they’ll have a blast at the Canine Country Club of Arkansas. Be sure to call us soon, as boarding spots fill up quickly this time of year! Request a reservation online or call us at (501) 868-7297 today!