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Overnight Dog Boarding Near Little Rock, AR

Canine Country Club of Arkansas offers an all-inclusive dog boarding program that includes boarding, food and daycare. Our members enjoy playing within our fenced 4-½ acres where we have multiple play areas for various size dogs and different personalities.

Our play areas include our famous 2 ½ acre Play Trail, complete with Top Dog Hill and our inground saltwater pool. We have other dedicated playfields for small dogs, senior dogs and dogs who do not play well with others. In addition to our outdoor amenities, we have an indoor play area, The Clubhouse. This 10,000 square foot building is climate controlled and turfed to provide the best and safest experience for dogs.

In the evenings, dogs enjoy spacious indoor, climate-controlled accommodations, daily housekeeping service and nutritious meals. Each dog is also provided with a large PetCot/Kuranda bed to sleep on.

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Safe and Comfortable Dog Boarding

At Canine Country Club of AR, we understand how anxious you may feel leaving your dog in the care of someone else while you are away.  We’ve taken steps to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable while they are in our care. Our standard dog boarding accommodations are designed to make your pet feel right at home.  We also believe that the safety of our dog boarding guests is our first priority, therefore, we maintain the following:

  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your pet’s health during his or her stay
  • A secure facility, wellness checks and continuous monitoring of your pets throughout the day
  • Daily housekeeping services with strict cleaning protocols and a clutter-free environment
  • An environment free of health hazards such as toxic chemicals and objects that could be swallowed
  • Restricted facility access for outsiders; limited only to staff members so you can trust who is around your pet
  • Structured staff hours to ensure proper supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay
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Dog Boarding Requirements

To ensure our canine members’ health and safety, we require the following:

  1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 18 months of age. Females who are younger than 18 months and have had a heat cycle must wait 6 weeks post cycle before being allowed at Canine Country Club.
  2. Vaccinations required include Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella (semi-annually), H3N2 & H3N8 (Flu).