Dog Daycare

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Safe and Fun Dog Daycare on 4.5 Acres

Canine Country Club of Arkansas just outside of West Little Rock, AR provides a Safe & Fun Dog Daycare program with our members playing within our fenced 4-½ acres containing multiple play areas for various size dogs and different personalities.

Dog Daycare provides stimulation, exercise and socialization for dogs that might otherwise be left home alone during the day. At Canine Country Club dog owners can rest assured that their dog is being cared for and is able to socialize with other dogs in a controlled and supervised environment.

Our play areas include our famous 2 ½ acre Play Trail, complete with Top Dog Hill and our inground saltwater pool. We have other dedicated playfields for small dogs, senior dogs and dogs who do not play well with others. In addition to our outdoor amenities, we have an indoor play area, The Clubhouse. This 10,000 square foot building is climate controlled and turfed to provide the best and safest experience for dogs.

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Dog Daycare Near Little Rock, AR

Most healthy, adult dogs require at least some exercise and attention every day to thrive.  As pet owners we know that it’s not always easy to give our dogs the attention, supervision and socialization that they need and deserve.

At Canine Country Club of AR, we understand that you need a place you can trust that will keep your dog safe and satisfied. While you are at work, you can rest assured knowing that your dog will be treated with the opportunity to socialize with other dogs that are similar in size, age and temperament, in a safe environment watched over by our trained staff.

Here at Canine Country Club our members make great friends who they play with each day.  You take home a happy, well exercised and more relaxed dog ready for human companionship and interaction.

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happy dog in the grass

Dog Daycare Requirements

To ensure our canine members’ health and safety, we require the following:

  1. All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 18 months of age. Females who are younger than 18 months and have had a heat cycle must wait 6 weeks post cycle before being allowed at Canine Country Club.
  2. Vaccinations required include Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella (semi-annually), H3N2 & H3N8 (Flu).