Plan Your Stay

We understand that your dog means everything to you. Canine Country Club of Arkansas strives to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Here is some helpful information in preparation of your dog’s stay.

What To Bring?

  • Please bring any medications with administering instructions.
  • If your dog has a bed or special blanket he or she sleeps on then bring it with you. By the end of the day your dog will be exhausted from the hours of playtime and will rest easily with something familiar from home.
  • If your dog eats special diet foods please bring that as well with administering instructions.

What Not To Bring?

  • No toys or rawhides.


Please see the Continuous Services Contract (PDF).

To learn more or for specific questions be sure to call or contact us for more information.

Fan Mail

Nikko is like Norm on Cheers when he goes to Canine Country Club of Arkansas!He runs through the door, tail wagging, everyone knows his name, and they always greet him with a... Read more

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