Our Facility

Canine Country Club of Arkansas is a unique, non-traditional facility offering dog boarding and doggie daycare on a 4 ½ acre property.

We recognize that not all dogs play the same and that all dogs do not need to play together. We've designed our facility to meet the special needs of all dogs: large and small, young and old (but young at heart).

  • Four acres are designated as a private, off-leash dog park where dogs can run and play.
  • Play Trail on 2 ½ acres with small mud pits, Top Dog Hill and in ground pool.
  • Small field is 75’ by 120’ and is designated for small dogs and senior dogs.
  • Middle field is 50’ by 50’ and is designated for dogs who do not play well with others.
  • Big field is ¾ acre and is for all dogs.
  • Large 4’ by 8’ long kennels so your dogs have plenty of room. Larger runs for multi-dog families are available upon request.
  • Owner lives on site.

All dogs are supervised during play time and are grouped together considering their size, temperment, activity level, health and age. Dog families play together as much as possible.

Each dog is unique and special at the Canine Country Club. Your dog will love playing here and you'll love knowing that they're safe.

To learn more please call or contact us for more information.

Fan Mail

I adopted Beauregard when he was 7 weeks old. Beau started going to Canine Country Club of Arkansas when he was 14 weeks old. He started puppy kindergarten then.He has been... Read more

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