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Katie Jack Russell Terrier mix
Favorite Activities: Chasing and shaking toys, rough housing with her sister Trixie

Katie, a.k.a. Katie bug, is a 7 yr. old Jack Russell Terrier mix that was adopted from the Jacksonville Animal Shelter at Paws on the Pavement. True to her terrier heritage she loves to chase and shake toys, balls, and rough-house with her sister Trixie (3 yr. old Boxer). Her favorite snacks are pig ears, chicken treats and anything with peanut butter. She can jump amazingly high. As active and high energy as she is she also enjoys sleeping in the sunshine. Katie is quite the guard dog and has the run of the house. She enjoys her time at Canine Country Club of Arkansas because she gets to dig, run, get dirty and have a good time with her friends. 

- Katie

Favorite Activities: chasing balls, playing tug of war, burying socks, hiding the kids' stuffed animals

Jax arrived at our home on Christmas Eve 2011. He has brought so much joy to our home since the doorbell rang and he was in a gift sack for our daughter. Jax loves people. His favorite thing to do is cuddle and sleep right beside us! Another one of his favorite activities is "carpooling" with Coop and Ava and playing at Canine Country Club of Arkansas. Jax never meets a stranger. He thinks any person or dog is his new best friend.

- Jax

Beau Lab mix
Favorite Activities: Swimming and chasing balls

I adopted Beauregard when he was 7 weeks old. Beau started going to Canine Country Club of Arkansas when he was 14 weeks old. He started puppy kindergarten then.

He has been going daily since that time. He jumps out of the car and runs in, insistent on his treat. He has a best buddy, Truman, that he shares a kennel with during downtime. He comes home a tired, happy dog at the end of the day.

During his time at Canine Country Club of Arkansas, Beau has become Canine Good Citizen certified. We couldn’t be prouder. I hope this year to start letting him visit nursing homes in the area. I owe much of Beau’s energy and fun loving spirit to the care at Canine Country Club of Arkansas.

- "Beau" - Beaureguard

Bear Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Japanese Chin mix
Favorite Activities: King of little dogs here at Canine Country Club and talking.

Our family loves Canine Country Club of Arkansas, its staff and owner. It's a family operated business which makes it extra special. They are all very loving and kind. They treat my Bear as if he were their own.

He gets so excited to go and is usually at the door before I am. Bear goes to school during the week to socialize, play and exercise with other dogs and gets lots of love and attention while there.

When we go on trips we also take Bear to Canine Country Club of Arkansas. It is his home away from home. I have peace of mind knowing that he is well taken care of.

Canine Country Club of Arkansas is very serious about what they do and Bear’s care is of the highest priority. Bear is my little baby and I never have to worry about him when he is at there.

- Bear

Callie Tucker and Dodger Boxer/German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd/Great Dane and Rottweiler/German Shepherd
Favorite Activities: Playing together as a doggie family.

I have been a daycare customer six years now.

I started taking my then one year old, Tucker, to daycare when he kept breaking out of his crate at home. I would often come home and find that he had gotten out and ate my couch, money off the counter, the window treatments, etc. But the final straw was when he cut himself up badly trying to squeeze through the bars of his crate.

I checked into many daycare programs in the Little Rock area but none had the wide open space for running that Canine Country Club of Arkansas did. I knew my guy needed to stretch his long legs…not be cooped up in a small building or someone’s house.

Also, I no longer had to worry about him being hurt or destroying the house while I was gone for 9-10 hours each day and he came home DOG TIRED! He had so much fun and still does. He would cry and hop up and down in the car when we passed the Chenal Wal-Mart because he knew where he was going.

Now I have added two more dogs to the family and they also go to daycare. My three year old, Callie, has epilepsy and will have seizures on occasion. I don’t have to worry about her hurting herself during a seizure as I know the staff at Canine Country Club of Arkansas will take great care of her and will call me right away with updates.

Also, my two year old, Dodger, is so much less destructive at home due to the great exercise he gets at daycare all day. Some nights he comes home and doesn’t even eat his dinner…he goes straight to his bed and doesn’t move til morning!

My oldest just turned 7 in January and after six years of daycare, he is still in great physical shape and is not overweight. My vet attributes a lot of that to all the great daily exercise he gets at the Canine Country Club of Arkansas.

- Callie "Sugar", Tucker "Fuzzy" and Dodger "Nutsy"

Nikko the German Shepherd German Shepherd
Favorite Activities: Plays with his skateboard

Nikko is like Norm on Cheers when he goes to Canine Country Club of Arkansas!

He runs through the door, tail wagging, everyone knows his name, and they always greet him with a special treat!

He knows that he is home where everyone loves him! His happiness means the world to me!

- Nikko

The Trumanator Goldendoodle
Favorite Activities: Playing with his BFF Beau and giving Doodle hugs

Truman loves to go to the Canine Country Club of Arkansas and has gone 5 days a week since he was old enough to go.

He gets to use up his energy running with his friends (Beau is his BFF) and playing in the mud pit. He is a very happy dog because of it.

He is well taken care of by Anita and her staff. So grateful for such a great place for Truman.

- Truman - The "Trumanator"

Australian Shepherd
Favorite Activities: Running and mooching treats

We LOVE Canine Country Club of Arkansas…Meeko loves to go to play. On the way there I swear he is smiling.

The staff is so personable and knowledgeable, they are the best! They love all their visiting dogs.

We always know that Meeko has had the funnest day cause he can barely stay awake.

Thank you Canine Country Club of Arkansas! We’re not sure what we would do without you.

- Meeko

The Hurley Boys Westie and Labrador Retriever
Favorite Activities: Pal'n around together

Our two dogs, a Lab and a Westie, can’t get enough of this place.

They started when they were about 1 year old for “school” classes. Now, all we have to do is say the word “School” and they are ready to go and can’t wait to get in the car and go. They absolutely love it. As parents, we love it too because after a day at school, they are worn out and sleep all the way home.

Mason, the Lab, loves the pool. Toby, doesn’t realize he is smaller that the bigger dogs, so he loves “king of the hill” to show the others who is “top dog”.

All of the staff are wonderful and treat Mason and Toby as if they were their own pets. From the people who greet them in the morning to the trainers, to the groomer, to the people who bring them out in the evening, they all call them by their names affectionately.

Our dogs would go there everyday if it was up to them.

- Toby and Mason - "The Hurley Boys"

Skampi the Giant Schnauzer Giant Schnauzer
Favorite Activities: Chipmunk hunting, squirrel baiting and chasing, and chasing dogs who chase balls. Recent years Skampi’s most favorite activity has been daycare at Canine Country Club.

In 2001, Skampi needed to be rehomed. A recently widowed woman was looking for a large dog for security since she was alone on a horse farm.

The woman asked around and was referred to a man who shows giant schnauzers. He brought her Skampi and it was love at first sight. Skampi was almost 2 years old at the time and was full of energy and personality.

The man came to visit shortly after Skampi got settled in. He dropped off a New England Serum catalog with items Skampi’s Mom would need to groom her. The catalog was tossed in a basket with other magazines under the coffee table.

One evening Skampi crawled under the coffee table, tipped over the basket, nosed through it and pulled out the catalogue her “daddy” had given. This was an extremely touching moment because Skampi’s Mom became aware first hand of a dog’s capacity for grief.

Skampi and her mom share an unimaginable bond. During the past two years Skampi has battled cancer undergoing a partial mandibulectomy and tracheostomy for a severe episode of anaphylaxis.

- "Skampi" - Ch. Blackjax Serenade Song

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