Doggie Daycare

What is Doggie Daycare?

Doggie Daycare is defined as an “organized, controlled and monitored environment in which a group of friendly dogs from multiple families can interact and play throughout the day in an enclosed building or yard.”

Doggie Daycare Philosophy

We realize that dog owners can't always leave their pets at home while at work and we have the perfect solution: Doggie Daycare. The purpose of Canine Country Club's doggie daycare is to provide stimulation, exercise and socialization for dogs that might otherwise be left home alone during the day.

Dog owners can rest assure that their dog is being cared for and is able to socialize with other dogs in an organized, controlled and monitored environment. Our doggie clients make great friends who they play with each day and can't wait to start their day in doggie day care.

The end result is that a happy, exercised and more relaxed dog will come home at the end of the day ready for human companionship and affection.

See our CCC Forms page for all the forms and use our Registration Request form to get started!

To learn more please call or contact us for more information.

Fan Mail

Jax arrived at our home on Christmas Eve 2011. He has brought so much joy to our home since the doorbell rang and he was in a gift sack for our daughter. Jax loves people.... Read more

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