Dog Spa Care

After playing and getting dirty out here at Canine Country Club of Arkansas, we offer a range of grooming services so your dog will go home clean and ready for anything.

Standard Bath

Our standard bath removes the daily dirt and excessive ordors from your dog's coat. He'll leave looking and smelling great. They'll have fun and leave looking their best.

Furminator Shed-Less Treatment

Aside from our standard baths, we do offer the Furminator Shed-Less Treatment. The Furminator Treatment is a 2-step natural shampoo process, followed by raking out the undercoat. The dog’s coat looks amazing at the end of a treatment. It also will give your vacuum, broom or Swiffer a much-needed break.

Nail Trimming

We also offer our popular nail trimming service. We safely trim your dogs nails to a more manageable length without injury or undue stress to your dog. You can call it a puppy-pedi!

See our CCC Forms page for all the forms and use our Registration Request form to get started!

To learn more please call or contact us for more information. Having a clean dog is hard doesn't have to be a chore.

Fan Mail

In 2001, Skampi needed to be rehomed. A recently widowed woman was looking for a large dog for security since she was alone on a horse farm.The woman asked around and was... Read more

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