CCC's Story

After returning home to Little Rock in 2003, Anita Sedberry envisioned creating Canine Country Club of Arkansas as the area's premier dog boarding and daycare service. Prior to 2003 while living in Dallas, Anita and her dogs fell in love with a non-traditional kennel. Anita had searched for something similar in the central Arkansas area, but unfortunately came up empty handed.

In the midst of her relocation, Anita opted to keep her dogs in Dallas until she got settled and could establish the Canine Country Club of Arkansas to both satisfy her dog's needs and provide central Arkansas with the top quality dog care facility it deserved.

Anita believed central Arkansas was missing a very beneficial service: a dog care facility similar to what she experienced in Dallas. She desired a local place where dogs could spend most of their time outdoors getting exercise and socializing with other dogs.

So began her journey as the owner of Canine Country Club, which opened its doors on November 1, 2004.

Anita Sedberry and her staff strive to keep up with the latest in dog behavior, nutrition and training of both puppies and adult dogs. Anita travels yearly to the national Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) annual conference where training, behavioral ideas and methodologies are presented to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Her motto is “happy dogs equal happy homes”. We carry this ideal through everything that we do.

To learn more please call or contact us for more information.

Fan Mail

Truman loves to go to the Canine Country Club of Arkansas and has gone 5 days a week since he was old enough to go.He gets to use up his energy running with his friends (Beau... Read more

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