How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging
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We love our dogs. We love when they give us puppy-dog eyes. We love the way they react when we get home each day. We love cuddling with them after a long day at work. But one habit we don’t particularly love as dog owners is digging. If your dog is a digger, you know this dilemma all too well. And chances are your yard knows it, too. We promise your pup isn’t doing this to spite you. There are a variety of natural reasons as to why dogs dig. From entertainment to hunting prey, it just comes natural. But you can still take a few steps to discourage the behavior in a healthy way.


1.Play With Them. One reason dogs dig is because they have too much energy or they find entertainment in it. Provide them with other outlets for their energy, like walking them several times a day or playing with them. Make sure they have toys they can play with as often as possible. Teach your dog tricks or commands and practice them every day. These are ways you can engage with your dog daily to help them get some of their energy out. If you don’t have enough spare time, let us take care of the playing. We can help them use their energy at the Canine Country Club of Arkansas in Roland near Little Rock.


2.Block Out Prey. There’s a chance your dog is digging to catch an animal or insect that burrows. If you see signs of an animal like this, use a safe method for keeping them out of your yard. Don’t use pesticides or another product that could be toxic to your pup.


3.Make Them Feel Comfortable. Sometimes, dogs dig holes to lie in if it’s too hot outside. Or they could be trying to shelter themselves from other elements, like rain or cold. Either way, the fix for this is to give them the protection they are looking for by bringing them inside more often or making sure they have plenty of comfort and protection outside.



4.Make a Digging Zone. If it doesn’t look like your dog will stop digging entirely, consider setting aside a controlled area in your yard where he is allowed to dig. Encourage your dog to dig only in that area. Reward him when he digs in the right area. If he tries to dig somewhere else in the yard, disrupt him and bring him over to the right area.


If you try these four tips, you should see improvement in your dog’s digging behavior or at least the impact it has on your yard. Ultimately, we encourage you to spend a lot of quality playtime with your dog. But if your schedule doesn’t allow for it right now, consider sending them to the Canine Country Club of Arkansas for boarding or doggie daycare, where they can run, play, swim, and just be a dog. Contact us today to learn more about the Canine Country Club and why we’ll be your dog’s new favorite place! 

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