About Us

Canine Country Club is situated on 4½ acres just 5 minutes west of Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock. Our vision is to provide a unique kennel and dog boarding facility with plenty of love and attention for our canine guests. We strive to be the best dog boarding, doggie daycare, wellness and training facility in the central Arkansas area.

Why is Canine Country Club of Arkansas unique?

  • We are 100% committed to the health, safety and comfort of our dog guests
  • We maintain over four acres of property that is designated as a private, off-leash dog park where dogs can run and play. This includes:
    • Our famous "Play Trail" complete with small mud pits,
    • Top Dog Hill
    • An in ground swimming pool.
  • We set high quality standards for staff who pledge to provide the very best care and attention for each canine guest.
  • Perimeter fencing around the property to prevent escapes.
  • Several seperate dog play areas for similarly sized dogs. Little dogs can play safely!
  • Daily housekeeping/cleaning of kennel to ensure a clean environment for the dogs
  • State of the art security cameras and temperature alarms
  • Screening of all dogs for medical and behavioral issues
  • Large 4” x 8” long kennels so your dogs have plenty of room; Larger runs for multi-dog families are available upon request
  • Owner lives on site
  • Owners have peace of mind that their dogs will receive loving care, attention, and exercise while in our care.

To learn more please call or contact us for more information. We love questions!

Fan Mail

We LOVE Canine Country Club of Arkansas…Meeko loves to go to play. On the way there I swear he is smiling.The staff is so personable and knowledgeable, they are the best!... Read more

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